Only as Strong as Your Weakest Tendon

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“No rep!” a phase often used at lifting competitions, meaning the athlete did not express the adequate range for a specific movement. We must (there are some outlying situations, however) utilize our full range to maximize fitness and strength. A very common fault in resistance training is not expressing your full range in that motion during the movement. Now, I agree in some instances, partial rep movements are very beneficial… to a very small population of people (i.e. injury rehab, bodybuilding, sport-specific).

A quick anatomy session… we can basically categorize a muscle into three regions: muscle belly, musculotendinous junction, and tendon. The muscle belly is what is causing the contraction of the muscle, which then stretches the musculotendinous junction, then causes the tendon to accelerate or decelerate a bone.

When we do “partial reps”, we are getting muscle belly contraction, but we are not stressing the tendons adequately. Long story short, the muscle belly is getting stronger faster than the tendon, but we need the tendon to absorb the energy from muscle contraction. So, if we have a muscle belly which is producing a force that is too strong for the tendon, we are going to be treading in some dangerous water. A muscle is only as strong as its weakest tendon. Now, if your goal is to get large muscles with little concern for your tendon health, partial reps can be beneficial… although, I would not recommend it.

This typically leads to you not exploring your weaknesses enough and doing more of the things you are only good at. Let us help you!

Did you know? Dr. Ross is a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach! He has been the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Minnesota Vixen women’s professional football team and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for both the Nashville Junior Predators and Eagan High School.

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