back pain

Why your back may hurt after a long day at work and 3 exercises to combat the stress of a desk job.

A complaint we often hear in the clinic is "I have neck pain... neck tightness... upper back tension and pain... headaches during or after work." These types of complaints are most commonly associated with the chronic position that is required for you to complete your work (i.e. sitting at a desk for hours at a time). 

When we sit in this position for a majority of the day, that does not leave us much time to get up and move around, leading us down the path of increased muscle tension, joint restriction, and possibly pain. What the current scientific evidence is showing us is that the pain associated with this lifestyle is likely more attributed to the "lack of movement" rather than the posture itself. 

 But this is great news because most people would not quit their job due to these complaints. 

You may be asking, "So what can I do?". Well, I am glad you asked. These 3 movements have been shown to help improve the complaints listed above: 1) Chin tucks, 2) No Money's, 3) Rows. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each movement, making sure to rest about 60-seconds between sets.

1) Chin Tucks

2) No Money's

3) Rows

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