Being Adaptable

People often misinterpret the idea behind evolution… at least as Charles Darwin theorizes it. It is often thought that “survival of the fittest” means the strongest, fastest, or smartest person survives, however, when we look further into evolutionary studies, it is “… the one that is most ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE” that survives.


Now, we could certainly take this and direct it toward most areas of living, but today I wanted to apply it to reading/listening to books – which likely could be applied to studying/learning, in general. Scientists term randomized learning scenarios as “interleaving,” which means to proactively mix up how and what you learn. We can practice this process of interleaving by creating interruptions in what we are doing – this does not, however, mean using distractions, such as Facebook or Instagram, to interrupt.

More specifically, we can use this concept during reading by having 2-4 books to read, simultaneously; using each book as a deliberate interruption from the previous book. Here are some anecdotal reasons (according to Benjamin Hardy, a top writer in productivity and entrepreneurship) why this method can be beneficial in one’s journey to be more adaptable:

  • When you switch books constantly, your brain doesn’t bet bored or even slow down

  • Each new book gives the brain an intense dose of novelty — which keeps it engaged and excited

  • The books begin to blend into each other — thus I have 4 micro concepts and then one over-arching meta concept that emerges

  • Creativity is all about making connections — and by listening to multiple books at once, the ideas from each book begin to cross-pollinate and blend into each other, thus becoming a web of unique connections (idea heaven!)

  • Each time I shift back to a particular book, my brain is forced to remember what the book was about, and the specific concepts being conveyed— which deepens my memory and the impact of each individual book

  • I listen to these books in diverse environments and apply the ideas in different ways — from books I’m writing to conversations with my kids

“The goal is to become the best thinker possible, and to become creative, imaginative, and innovative. If you’re not becoming more fluid and adaptive, then you’re becoming increasingly irrelevant.”


Give interleaving a try and let us know how it goes for you.


Have a fantastic day!


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