Can Exercise Protect Your Back?

If you answered “Yes!,” then you would be correct!

When we get injured, what is the first reaction that we typically have? “I need to REST!” While this is a correct response, initially, we often take this as a “do nothing” mentality. Obviously, all situations are different, and timetables may differ depending on injury, but we need to get the tissues moving as soon as possible after injury. Here’s why…

As we have alluded to in a previous blog article, Too Much Too Quick (check it out HERE), the best way to help your body adapt is to STRESS it. In this scenario, the stress is us continuing to move our body, and possibly even adding specific resistance movements to target adaptations in an area.

This stress has two main benefits for us during an “injured” state; 1) stressing the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) will stimulate the repair processes quicker, and more efficiently, 2) the primary way our joints receive nutrients and hydration is through movement of that joint. This effect has been shown in recent literature; the researchers saw an increase in intervertebral disc (discs in your spine) hydration when they compared two groups of runners to a group of people who did not exercise. Doesn’t a hydrated spine sound like a good thing? Say it with me… “YES!”

These are some of the reasons why we include so much active movement in our treatments and why our patients find individualized rehab programs so beneficial!

But the exercise should not stop after the rehab is complete… continued exercise prescriptions are often necessary to continue building on your strong movement capabilities - ASK us about exercise programming! These exercise prescriptions are a bridge between your current rehab program and a goal-oriented fitness plan.


At Kees Chiropractic, your Franklin Chiropractors, we want YOU to be the hero of your story. We take great pride in helping guide the community in informed health and fitness decisions. Whether you are dealing with low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, sports injury, low energy, high stress, sleeping difficulties, etc. we are here to help! Just ask us how and let’s start mapping your course!


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